Where am I?!

Hey guys!

While most of you are enjoying a beautiful summer with temperatures of over 30 degrees C, apparently Holland has decided it wants to be original? I’d been having a lazy Monday (ahh, the beauty of being a student on summer break. Oh wait. I’m not a student anymore. Bugger.) when I thought I’d go and have a little run outside. The Dutch weather clearly thought otherwise. It’s raining so hard! Now, I’m not a wimp, but I think when the weather channels are advising people to stay indoors and issuing severe weather warnings, I think it’s acceptable to postpone a run, n’est-ce pas ;)?

What’s weird is that for the past week, it’s been absolutely beautiful here! Maybe losing in the World Cup Final last night made the weather cranky along with the rest of the country…

Fingers crossed that it stops by tomorrow. One day is cute; two is just rude.

I still feel I need to do some kind of exercise though – I overate today and feel gross. Any ideas? So far I’m thinking having a private disco in my bedroom 😉

What do you do when you want to exercise but the weather is uncooperative?



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